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  • Exceptional & attractive packaging of goods often determines an advantage and exclusiveness of one before another. For customers who demand an exclusive product, Al Sharkia Packing offers coating & printing on tinplates and aluminum services.

  • Our coating and printing lines machines are made by Crabtree of Gateshead LTD in England. Equipment capacity is up to 6000 sheets per hour and its resolution reaches 150tpi, which corresponds to high quality prints and allows us to produce high quality multi-color works with a set of the brightest, sharpest and richest colors possible.

  • Striving for stability and leadership in the market, we pay special attention to the quality of all raw materials used. All the inks & coatings we use are made by the leading producers, respected in Europe and throughout the world.

  • Al Sharkia Packing is a market leader in Egypt supplying coated & printed tin plates & aluminum sheets to packing plants in Egypt and Middle East.

  • With a constant growth of quality requirement, we systematically improve production, carry out ongoing training programs and raise personnel qualifications. As a result, we are happy to offer the highest quality coating & print services for each of our clients.

  • Range of coating & printing sheet size:

  • Max. sheet size: 960x1160 mm

  • Min. sheet size: 508x710 mm